Pushing Revit sheets to Procore BIM Models has never been easier. → Get the plugin today

Revit Sheets to Procore BIM Models

Tired of aligning Procore Drawings to your BIM models, sheet by sheet?

Yeah, we get it.

Our plugin lets you select any sheets you want from Revit and send them straight to your Procore BIM Model in seconds!


Save Hours of Time

Our plugin eliminates the need for repeated aligning between Navisworks models and your Procore drawings. Select all your sheets in Revit, and send them straight to Procore! It's blazing fast!

Skip Navisworks' Drawing Alignment Workflow

Send your Revit sheets straight into your BIM model by the dozens to their corresponding levels! No manual alignment necessary!


Instant Revit-to-Procore. No Manual Alignment, No Wait.

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