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Revit Sheets to Procore Drawings - Install Instructions

Welcome to the install instructions for Revit Sheets to Procore Drawings - Revit Plugin!

First things first, download the plugin here and you should have a nice compressed ZIP file to extract.

Extract the ZIP file and launch the executable file in the folder you just extracted

Go through the installation by pressing "Install". You will need administrator access to install this plugin to your computer.

Once install is complete, open Revit, and under the "UtahBIM" tab in the ribbon, you should see the plugin.

The very first time that you click on it, you will get a notice that you don't have a license to run the plugin. Copy your Machine ID and email it to info@utahbim.com along with the email address that purchased the license for the plugin. We will get back to you within one business day with a license key.

Copy and paste this license key into the dialog provided by the plugin and you should be good to go!

If any issues arise, please reach out to info@utahbim.com