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Revit Sheets to Procore Drawings

Tired of exporting PDF sheets from Revit, uploading them to a cloud drive, emailing that link to your Project Engineer, just for them to download them, upload them back into Procore, check to make sure the drawing info is right, and then publish them?


Yeah, we get it.


Our plugin lets you select any sheets you want from Revit and send them straight to Procore in the same amount of time it takes you to export them to a PDF.

Select all your Revit Sheets and push them automatically and fast to Procore

Save Hours of Time

Our plugin eliminates the need for repeated, exporting, downloading, uploading, and verifying. Select all your sheets in Revit, and send them straight to Procore! It's blazing fast!

Eliminate Double Checking

No more need for checking hundreds of sheets to make sure Procore processed your drawing names and numbers correctly! Our app pulls drawing info directly from Revit so you don't have to spend valuable time double checking

Revit Sheets to Procore Drawings eliminates the need for double-checking if Procore read your drawing names correctly

This Revit plugin is a game-changer for Subcontractors, Architects, Engineers, and BIM/VDC Professionals who use Procore

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